This simple service shows your IP and some details about your ISP.

It is a simple attempt to create an application for serverless platform, Cloudflare Workers, and utilizes some of its specific features like geoip headers. It is also my first attempt to make an application using Typescript.


Like most other similar websites, it shows you:


Just visit

Advanced features

These features are disabled on the public instance.

It is possible to get this data programmatically. When you use applications like curl or wget, it will return just your IP.

Also, you can send Accept header to get data in a specific format. Currently supported types:

Additionally, there are API endpoints to get specific format:


This service is provided as-is. Your usage of the service may be limited or restricted without any notifications.

API is not available on public instance. You have to host your own version to enable API for text-only and JSON responses.

You can setup your own instance using provided source code.

Credits and source code

Source code of the extension is available on Github and licensed under MIT License.

Image by NASA from Unsplash.